The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Can Open Your Garage From Anywhere

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This feature might come in handy when you are traveling.

Starting a road trip only to remember that you left the garage door open sucks. But Mitsubishi has a clever solution that means drivers won't be forced to turn back. The new feature is called myQ Connected Garage, part of the My Mitsubishi Connect platform, which allows drivers to open or close their garage door directly from their in-dash touchscreen.

"Today, drivers are limited by the ability to only open and close the garage door when they are within line of sight of the door," said James Trainor, Vice President General Manager of Automotive for Chamberlain Group. "We are thrilled to partner with Mitsubishi Motors to help enhance the driver experience when it comes to garage control. myQ Smart Vehicle Access allows Mitsubishi to integrate smart garage control capabilities within the car's in-dash touchscreen, allowing drivers to safely control, secure, and monitor their garage door from wherever they are on their journey."

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The system no longer requires a line of sight to the garage door, meaning drivers can open or close it from virtually anywhere. This could come in handy if the kids forget their house key or a visitor needs to be let in. The feature will debut on the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which was recently given a significant facelift. Owners will have access to a garage opener directly on their standard eight-inch smartphone-link display audio (SDA) system. Mitsubishi is working to integrate the feature into Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Technology like this is helping to eliminate the clutter on car windshields and sun visors. Drivers no longer need to have a separate garage door opener clipped to the visor, nor will automakers need to include dedicated buttons on the roof liner. Audi has taken a similar approach by integrating garage controls on the touchscreen and including a built-in toll pass, so drivers no longer need a separate one on their windshield.

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Mitsubishi says 2018 to 2020 Eclipse Cross owners will also have access to my myQ Connected Garage through the My Mitsubishi Connect app. To access the in-dash version of this feature, go to the My Mitsubishi Connect app, find the "Services" page, then select "myQ Connected Garage." From there, it will show if you have a myQ smart garage-enabled door opener. If it finds an available opener, just click "Add a Hub."

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