The Mitsubishi Evo Is Dead But The Lancer Is Still Kicking Around


A 10-year-old compact sedan. How is this competitive?

It sounds hard to believe but it's true. The Mitsubishi Lancer, which served as the basis for the dearly departed Evo, is still on sale. Why should you be surprised? Because this generation Lancer dates back to 2007, its first model year. It is the oldest compact sedan on sale today, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad car. In fact, it's actually a hell of a good deal. Buyers are just going to have to sacrifice a few things in order to get that deal. Hey, nothing is perfect in life.

We recently had the chance to sample the 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer ES with an all-wheel drive option and, despite its age, we were impressed by how much the Japanese automaker has managed to improve the car.

No, that doesn't mean it's best-in-class. Far from it. But it is excellent value for anyone in the market for a brand new compact sedan. Not everyone wants or can spend more than $25 grand for a Honda Civic or Mazda3. The Lancer is (kind of) fuel efficient and overall build quality could be better. Still, value is value. Oh man, we sure do miss the Evo. Special thanks to Lutes Mitsubishi for allowing us to film the car.

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