The Mitsubishi eX Concept Is The EV That Will Lead The Company's Comeback

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People would flock to a tech-packed crossover that gets 248.5 miles on a charge.

We're not sure where to start with the Mitsubishi eX Concept because it's so many things. We'll let Don Swearingen, COO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, tell it. "The eX Concept redefines the future of the compact SUV and is representative of the company's design direction, both inside and out. With nearly 50 years' experience of automotive electrification technology, we have the expertise and know-how to pioneer a new future with next-generation electric vehicles."

The 100% electric eX Concept uses lightweight materials to save weight. That makes the crossover more efficient. It's capable of doing 248.5 miles on one charge. A 45 kWh battery pack powers two 94-hp electric motors (one on each axle). There are three drive modes, Auto, Gravel and Snow to make things easier for the driver, unless you let the car drive itself, which it can. Mitsubishi's advanced connected car technology integrates vehicles with information networks; AI services link to the cloud to match info stored from Internet searches and movements at home and places you visit with your interests and tastes. This can help avoid accidents and get you where you need to be much easier. There's also a Smartphone Link to control the car from.

There's advanced active safety technology that, among other things, includes all the usual systems we're accustomed to seeing, but includes a Driver Monitor system that uses an infrared camera in the dash and sensors in the steering column. The driver's seat also monitors biological signals to determine the level of wakefulness. There's also systems for the lazy, an Automated Valet Parking System and Wireless Battery Charging. All of Mitsubishi's latest advancements in the electric and autonomous vehicle arena are crammed into the eX Concept. While a production version is years away, we're sure to see a lot of this tech in upcoming releases from Mitsubishi.

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While this is the U.S debut for the concept car it has done the rounds at various auto shows. This video from a year back summarizes what the eX is all about.

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