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The Mitsubishi Triton Absolute Is Beyond Tough

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Let’s see how it fares against the Ranger Raptor.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation unveiled the Triton Absolute pickup today at the Bangkok International Motor Show, now in its 40th year. That's the motor show, not the truck. Mitsubishi built this flagship pickup truck to demonstrate the Triton's rugged, uncompromising nature and it looks as if a production version might be made available in the near future, although it is unlikely to make it to our market. The Triton Absolute or L200 as it is called in Europe takes the already capable base truck and turns everything up to 11, Ford Ranger Raptor style.

Mitsubishi says that it will display this concept vehicle at various venues during the course of the year and may put it into production based on the level of interest it gets. The Triton Absolute certainly looks like a serious off-roader but it is far from an outlandish concept that would need major changes to make it production-ready.

The carbon-fiber tailgate may become a standard steel item were the car to make production, but the rest of the add-ons like the LED roof lights, running boards and skid plates could be left as is.

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Aside from the aggressive bodykit, the Triton Absolute comes fitted with a set of serious off-road tires and is almost two inches higher off the ground than a standard Triton. Mitsubishi claims that both ride and handling have been improved, which would be a neat trick if it proves to be true.

There is no word on what might be lurking under the hood but if the Triton Absolute were to take on the Raptor it would have to be both rugged and brawny to stand a chance. Let's hope Mitsubishi decides to make it and bring it to the US. After all, if any market is going to decide on whether a truck is good or not it has to be us.