The Model 3 Hasn't Hit The Streets Yet And Already People Are Giving It A Makeover

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It can't be that ugly can it?

A lot of time and effort went into the design of the Tesla Model 3, but not everyone thinks that the front end of the car is pretty enough. The lack of a grille means that a blank space sits where the car's mouth usually is, and while the Model S had a black insert in the front to hide this neither the Model X or Model 3 have this. The smooth surface helps the Model 3 reach its incredibly low drag coefficient of .21, but does this really justify the plain-looking front end? Not to the Internet.

Online communities like the Tesla Motors Club and Tesla3Grilles have been at work modifying the front end. Some results, like the frontal fangs, would make great gag gifts for one of the 325,000 people who plunked down a $1,000 pre-order for the Model 3. Others offer versions of Aston Martin grilles or alterations of the front end that either remove the unsightly lip in favor of a rounded Porsche front end or turn the lip into a point make the car look more determined. Even though the Model 3 will become the cheapest Tesla that money can buy, the $35,000 sedan segment is still one that places solid emphasis on aesthetic value. That's why it is important for Tesla to follow suit and create a good-looking car.

Even though the Model 3 isn't the prettiest car out there its looks won't necessarily hurt sales. Just look at how the Prius used its eco-friendly status to lure in customers despite its hideous design. Much of the complaining about the Model 3 has focused on the exterior of the car, but we can think of another part that could use some help: the interior. We get that Elon Musk likes the whole simplicity vibe inside of his cars, but the Model 3 may be taking this philosophy overboard. How long do you think it'll be until someone decides to Photoshop new steering wheels and dashboards onto the 3? The original image of the Model 3 is below. Compare it with the rest of the altered images and let us know which face lift suits it best.


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