Drag Race

The Model S Has Run Out Of Cars To Race So Now It's Taking On Planes

The Model S P90D faces off against a Boeing 737.

Cars don’t often race planes, but when they do the resulting videos are usually fantastic. We’ve seen a Challenger Hellcat race an F16 fighter jet and a Nissan GT-R drag race a jet from the Swiss Air Force. Now it’s Tesla’s turn. In this video the Tesla Model S P90D is going up against a Boeing 737 operated by Australian carrier Qantas. As you’d expect the Model S is properly equipped with Ludicrous Mode. The video is about promoting sustainable travel…or something. The message is kind of lost in the badassery of this race.

If you want to see who wins you’ll have to fire up this video to find out. Hopefully the recently revealed Model 3 is able to run down the tarmac like this.

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