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The More Powerful Mazda Miata Is Surprisingly More Efficient

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The new Miata really is the best of both worlds.

The 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata may be the most significant refresh in the car's history - even more important than a new generation. This is because the 2019 model year will gain a significant power boost over the 2018 model. Mazda will increase the car's horsepower from 155 to 181, and the torque will go up from 148 to 151 lb-ft. All of this added power will make the Miata a more impressive performer, but it doesn't come at the cost of fuel economy. Quite the opposite in fact.

According to fuel economy figures published by the EPA, the 2019 Miata will actually improve compared to the 2018 model year. The changes aren't drastic, but an improvement is better than nothing, or a loss. The automatic transmission continues to be the more frugal option, and will now get 26/35/30 mpg city/highway/combined. The city and highway ratings haven't changed from 2018, but the combined fuel economy is up by one mpg. Of course, we would never recommend buying an automatic Miata, so let's take a look at the manual car. Fortunately, the manual 2019 model also improves slightly compared to the 2018 car.

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Fuel economy for the manual now sits at 26/34/29 mpg city/highway/combined, which is an increase of one mpg on the highway. It isn't much, but we'll certainly take it along with one of the most requested power increases for any car on the market. Now if Toyota and Subaru could just increase the power of the 86 and BRZ, we'd live in the perfect world.