The Morgan EV3 Is The Electric Car For Enthusiasts Stuck In The Past


Somehow, this electric car makes sense.

Morgan is one of the few automakers that seems to be stuck in the past with its wooden frames and three-wheeled machines. But that hasn’t stopped it from attempting to keep up with the times with an electric vehicle of its own. And somehow, Morgan’s electrified version of its 3 Wheeler looks like one of the most enjoyable electric cars on the road. It’s one of the strangest “old meets new” vehicles we’ve ever seen and may just signal the start of more modern cars from the British automaker.

While an electric three-wheeler sounds like a terrible idea, the Morgan EV3 looks great in person and will probably be great to drive.

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The Morgan EV3 is powered by a liquid-cooled electric engine that produces 62 hp and is paired to a 20-kWh lithium battery. That may not be a lot of oomph, but the EV3 can get to 62 mph in under nine seconds and has a top speed in excess of 90 mph. That’s not exactly fast, but we’re sure the open-air feeling makes the electric three-wheeler feel a whole lot quicker. It also has a range of 150 miles on a single charge, so you won't just be driving down the block and back. Since the EV3 is an open-air, three-wheeled machine, it’s extremely light. Its wooden frame also helps keep the weight under 1,000 lbs. Unlike the regular 3 Wheeler, the EV3 has a revised front end that features an array of brass fins to cool the batteries and an off-center headlight.

While the EV3 may be a concept as of right now, Morgan intends to put the electric car into production by the end of this year with pricing said to be comparable to the gasoline-powered 3 Wheeler.