The Most Amazing McLaren Lap Ever Features Five F1 GTRs


This video has more rare McLarens than you can handle.

McLaren sure knows how to celebrate. To commemorate winning Le Mans 20 years ago the 650S Le Mans edition was released. If that wasn't enough, the automaker brought all of its rarest and most expensive flagship cars together to complete a victory lap at Le Mans. This video features several pro drivers piloting the best McLaren has to offer: a P1, a P1 GTR, five F1 GTRs and the last ever F1 GTR longtail produced. Yes, you read that right, there are six total McLaren F1 GTRs on the same race track at the same time.

This truly is the right way to honor the big win way back when. Check out this amazing video to get a full month's worth of McLaren awesomeness.

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