The Most Amazing New Acura Is Not Even Real


Why can't Acura actually sell something this cool?

The Acura Precision Concept has arrived at the 2016 Detroit Auto show. The Precision Concept will display Acura's future vehicle design that expresses the brand DNA of "Precision Crafted Performance," which is just a fancy automaker name for "we want our cars to look good and sporty." Acura was blunt when it said that this concept would not be put into production. However, some of the styling and technology features will make appearances on future Acura cars. The idea here, essentially, is for Acura to show off its plans for future technology.

This video here skews a bit press-y but it shows more of the concept which is a win regardless.

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The Precision Concept focuses on high-contrast details on the interior that emphasizes performance and prestige through a low and wide stance with a long and deep dashboard. The exterior features 22-inch wheels and dramatic styling. No engine was announced. The concept is meant to show off Acura's new human-machine-interface (HMI) which features the automaker's familiar two screen layout with a new curved display. We'll be honest here: This is a nice display, but Acura is not being serious about building anything that looks this good. Maybe Acura will get a nice reception on this concept and finally build a car that isn't boring.