The Most Anticipated Volkswagen In Ages Has Been Delayed

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If anything is worth the wait, it's this.

As excited as we are about Volkswagen's first electric crossover, the cool ID.4, there's another member of the VW ID family that has received even more attention. It's none other than the electric minivan known as the VW ID. Buzz. With clear visual ties to the much-loved VW Type 2 Bus, we expected the practical EV to arrive in North America in 2022. Sadly, we'll have to wait longer than expected as the Buzz is only expected to make it here in 2023. That's according to Volkswagen of America CEO Scott Keogh, who was speaking to Automotive News about the vehicle.

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"I wish it was coming next year," said Keogh. "It's not going to come quite as soon as that; it's going to be a little bit later than that." Keogh went on to say that the reaction to the ID. Buzz has been "huge", with both VW and non-VW dealers regularly asking him when the Buzz will be making it into showrooms. Unveiled in concept form four years ago, the ID. Buzz was to feature all-wheel drive with electric motors at each axle, a 0-60 mph sprint time of five seconds, and a range of up to 270 miles, which is a bit more than the 250-mile range of the ID.4. While those numbers are decent, this "Microbus of the future" is all about its design, which is as lovable as the second coming of the VW Beetle in the late 1990s.

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Hopefully, the retro appeal of the ID. Buzz won't diminish as it did with the Beetle, with VW hinting at a comeback for the compact hatchback, although this has yet to be confirmed. Like other VW EVs, the ID. Buzz will utilize the same MEB flexible platform. However, contrary to models like the ID.4 that share this platform but are built in Zwickau, Germany, the ID. Buzz will be produced in the Hanover plant which is currently being retooled. German customers won't have to wait quite as long as us, as the ID. Buzz is scheduled to launch there sometime next year.

Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen
Source Credits: Automotive News

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