The Most Awesome Movie Car Chase Scenes - Ever

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Big screen psycho adrenaline car chases at their best.

The car chase is a must for a good action movie because it has the power of turning a typical adventure-film into an instant and memorable classic. Who couldn't possibly love watching cars being pushed to the absolute limit, mowing down hapless pedestrians, being smashed, blown up and destroyed? So here's a short list of movie clips that have left audiences in a state of excitement that they would never have gotten to experience otherwise.

The car chase scene from the classic "The Blues Brothers" turns vehicular carnage into an art form. With a thick layer of humor sprinkled in, audiences get their fill of destroyed police cars, falling cars and humiliated Nazis as the Bluesmobile (a converted Dodge Monaco police cruiser) races towards downtown Chicago.

James Bond films are often known for their great car chases and none were better than the scenes from "Tomorrow Never Dies". This time around 007 leaves a path of destruction in his wake with a BMW 750iL equipped with rocket launchers and tires that instantly re-inflate when punctured.

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Putting the quotable lines and lack of plot in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" aside, one can simply relish in watching stunt driving at its finest. A whacked out stunt man in a 1969 Dodge Charger tries to take out a 1970 Dodge Challenger in one of the best car chases ever filmed.

The stunt drivers had their work cut out for them in the 1998 movie "Ronin" and delivered the goods in spectacular fashion. There are plenty of high-speed chases through the streets and tunnels of Paris, as well as one of the ultimate driving the wrong way down the highway scenes ever done.

There is still one movie car chase that all others are judged by and it took place in the 1968 film "Bullitt". Seven minutes long and at speeds many claim were over 100 mph, Bullitt's chase shows what American muscle cars were capable of. The scene took three weeks to shoot and resulted in the most awesome car chase ever to burn rubber on the big screen.

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