The Most Badass Ford Fiesta You Can Think Of Is Coming In 2017?

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Oh man, we certainly hope so.

2017 is a special year for the Ford Fiesta as it's its 40th anniversary (it first went on sale overseas in 1976). That's definitely a cause for celebration and the American automaker is supposedly planning something special. According to German publication Auto Bild, that special Fiesta will very likely be an RS version. Like the Focus ST-Focus RS relationship, the Fiesta RS will be above the current Fiesta ST in both power and performance.

We've previously written that Ford has been fully aware the Fiesta is capable of more than it already is. The only question was whether a business case could be made. Considering the Fiesta ST has been a smash success especially in the US, and demand for the new Focus RS is already very high, a Fiesta RS seems like a no-brainer now more than ever. Few other details are known at this point, but a Fiesta RS, like the Focus RS, will likely feature more aggressive front-end styling, new side skirts, and a revised rear-end and a new spoiler. A retuned sport suspension and better braking system are also fair assumptions.

As for power, our best guess is that Ford will go with an upgraded version of the Fiesta ST's turbocharged 1.6-liter four banger, currently spitting out 197 horsepower. Auto Bild figures that number will get up to 250 ponies. An all-wheel-drive system, however, is unlikely because of not only the added weight but also due to the fact the Fiesta was probably never originally engineered for that system. We'll hopefully learn more details next month at Detroit.

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