The Most Compelling Argument Against Autonomous Cars Yet? ISIS


Autonomous cars save people from crashes but they face new threats.

Silicon Valley is on the frontier of the pursuit to make cars that drive themselves, but it seems like the techie city isn't the only place where self-driving cars are interesting. In a worrisome speech made at the South By Southwest conference by Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer for web security company F-Secure, he detailed that there is mounting evidence to suggest that ISIS is trying to build self-driving cars. This isn't so that their fleet of Toyota's can pillage villages on their own, their intentions are much more insidious.

These cars could hypothetically drive themselves into crowded areas and detonate bombs. ISIS would have a much easier time sending an autonomous car out to do their bidding than to recruit young and impressionable soldiers to carry out a suicide mission. Despite the dangers of having a terrorist organization with autonomous cars, Hypponen says that this isn't even his biggest concern. The more dangerous problem is if hackers manage to gain access to autonomous cars or even existing transportation platforms that rely on computers. Systems like air traffic control or autonomous oil tankers come to mind. If the world is going to end, just make sure you get your kicks beforehand by driving some of these.

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