The Most Epic Firefighting Automobiles

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Fighting fires is always a serious thing, but with the help of these vehicles, firefighters everywhere could greatly benefit.

Bringing the fight to the fire with tricked-out and futuristic fire trucks. Firefighters are some of the bravest men and women on the planet, and it is only fitting that they be provided with the most awesome vehicles. Today's fire trucks are awesome automobiles, but they are nothing compared to all of these epic firefighting vehicles. So is there any chance that we'll soon be seeing more firefighting machines like these at our local fire houses? Anything is possible.

Leave it to China to create a fire truck with a jet-powered water cannon. This crazy fire truck can shoot four tons of water a minute over 400 feet high. The truck was designed to fight fires in high-rise buildings and cost $455,000 to build.

This fire truck doesn't actually fight fires, but it is still worth a mention simply for the fact that it has a 27-foot jet engine. The engine is from a MIG fighter plane and takes the place of the truck's water tanks. This truck can no longer fight fires, but it can produce enough power to blow over an SUV.

The city of Liverpool, England, should be awarded a medal in brilliance for their firefighting motorcycles. The motorcycles are made by BMW and can carry 50 liters of water and chemical foam. The bikes are designed to put out small fires that usually require full-sized fire trucks.

The AMATOYA concept is a fire reconnaissance vehicle designed by Liam Ferguson for Ford. The AMATOYA is designed to help firefighters safely traverse some of the most rugged terrain in the most extreme heat. The AMATOYA is can also help to fight fires using its twin rooftop water cannons.

Fun fact: Harald Belker's unnamed fire truck concept was actually designed for the now-abandoned "Fahrenheit 451" film. Belker's design is unlike any of today's fire trucks with its monster truck wheels and aerodynamically designed cylindrical frame. Wonder how it would do burning books?

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