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The Most Expensive Toyota Supra Costs $2 Million

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But you can’t buy it.

We already know the new Toyota Supra won't be cheap when it eventually arrives next year. Toyota has already confirmed it will command a hefty premium over the 86 sports car, which starts at $26,455. The last Supra went out of production in 2002 and cost around $45,000 at the time. Adjusting for inflation, that's around $63,000, which is roughly how much Toyota is expected to charge for the new fifth-generation model. A hotter Supra GRMN has also been confirmed and will no doubt cost even more.

But at least it won't cost $2 million – that's how much Toyota spent to build the GR Racing Supra Concept that debuted at Geneva. "There are a lot of die-hard fans here in Australia when it comes to Supra, and to top it off it's a $2.7 million concept," Toyota Australia's public affairs manager, Brodie Bott, told Motoring during the concept's recent Australian debut. "That would probably make it the most expensive Supra going round I'd say!"

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That's a staggering amount of money to spend on a concept car that, let's face it, has done very little since it was unveiled at Geneva back in March. Since debuting at Geneva, it was recently shown off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. But unlike the camouflaged prototype of the production version that tackled the famous Goodwood Hillclimb, it was just put on display again. And let's face it, we were all hoping to see the road car debut at Geneva, so the GR Racing Concept's unveiling was a bit anticlimactic.

We doubt there's anyone out there who would ever pay $2 million for a Supra, but you can't buy this one anyway since it's a one-off concept that isn't designed for the road. At least you can drive it for free in Gran Turismo Sport.