The Most Extreme Koenigsegg Agera Ever Is Coming To The US

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Built for the person who genuinely thinks the Agera RS isn't hardcore enough.

By all objective and subjective means of measuring, the Koenigsegg Agera RS is about as raw and as brutal as supercars get. For sure, if we're being picky, a One:1 would beat the Agera, but the Swedish speed machine is arguably one of the fastest road cars that has ever been homologated for road use in the US. One Koenigsegg client, however, felt the nigh-on-1200-hp RS wasn't fast enough. So said customer commissioned the creation of the orange monster you see in these pictures: the Agera XS.

At face value, the Agera XS seems essentially identical to the "regular" Agera RS. The engine is still the same 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8, with the 1,160-hp and peak torque output of 944lb-ft being channeled through a seven-speed transmission complete with paddle shifters. However, a closer look reveals that a far larger and more aggressive aero package adorns this particular Agera, with Koenigsegg claiming the XS' rear wing to be "the largest ever fitted to a Koenigsegg, specifically designed for the owner's wishes." As this is Koenigsegg, it's likely the aero kit hasn't been designed to just look imposing, so it likely won't surprise many if it's revealed the new package generates more downforce than the Agera RS's features.

Another highlight of the Agera XS (albeit one that doesn't improve or affect performance in any way whatsoever) is the rather striking color scheme inside and out. It appears the owner is quite a fan of vivid and distinctive paint jobs. The Agera XS' "Karosserie Orange" helps make an already stand-out shape even less conspicuous, though it does work incredibly well, especially when contrasted with the bare carbon fiber. Plus, the theme carries over and is pulled off with a similarly striking effect in the interior. Put all of this together, and it all adds up to the Agera XS being a pretty fine candidate for being one of the most talked-about cars when it's put on display at the upcoming Monterey Car Week's Quail Motorsport Gathering.

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