The Most Fuel Efficient Brand In The US Has No Hybrids Or EVs


The EPA has named the most fuel efficient car maker in the US.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced the most fuel efficient automaker in the US for 2016. The company with the highest fleet-wide adjusted fuel economy for the 2015 model year was Mazda. The Mazda lineup had a fleet fuel economy of 29.6 mpg. This means that for the fourth consecutive year, Mazda is the most fuel efficient automaker without selling any hybrid, EV, or diesel models in the US. Mazda was able to achieve this excellent fuel economy with its efficient and lightweight set of Skyactiv engines.

"Mazda's team of engineers and designers have worked diligently to create vehicles that are high-quality, stylish, fun-to-drive and fuel-efficient," said Masahiro Moro, president and CEO, Mazda North American Operations. Moro added that "Using our unique Skyactiv Technology, Mazda has been able to achieve class-leading fuel efficiency in nearly every segment it competes in while remaining true to its core mission that Driving Matters." The most impressive part of Mazda's fuel efficiency is that the company didn't have to sacrifice driving pleasure to achieve it. Although, when you look at Mazda's lineup, it isn't that hard to see how it beat out the competition.

Mazda killed off all of its models with poor mpg scores. The new CX-9 is the biggest model that Mazda currently makes, and it still only has a four-cylinder turbo engine. Mazda no longer makes any V6 or rotary engines that would bring down fuel economy averages. If Mazda built a sporty MazdaSpeed version of one of its models, then its mpg averages would doubtless decrease. But for now, Mazda is still the most fuel efficient brand in the US.


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