The Most Fuel Efficient Car In The World Gets 31,000 Miles Per Gallon


This thing makes the Prius look like a gas guzzler.

A team from Technical University of Munich has just built a car that makes the Toyota Prius seem like a bulky gas guzzler. The car is called the TUfast eLi14, which doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. Name aside, this experimental EV was able to travel 765 miles on a single kWh of electricity. To equate that into gas mileage, it would be the equivalent of 31,000 mpg. This means you would be able to drive from LA to New York more than 10 times with fuel to spare. The eLi14 was built for the 2014 Shell Eco Marathon, but didn't set a record.

After several modifications, the car was driven at Audi's test facility where it set the fuel economy record. If you're excited at the prospect of a car that could drive 15 miles on a single AA battery, you should probably curb your enthusiasm. The car is a single-seater in a tear drop shape and was piloted by a small driver who could fit in the tiny cockpit lying down. There is no way that a car like this could ever be road legal, but the technology from these kinds of projects can trickle down slowly over time. The eLi14 definitely shows brilliant German engineering at its finest.

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