The Most Hilarious Rocket and Jet-Powered Vehicles

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Check out these ridiculous and incredibly dangerous creations.

Who would ever think that grandma needs a jet-powered wheelchair? Or does your favorite Lazy Boy lack a jet engine to get you to the nearest 7-Eleven? Jet and rocket engines are showing up and actually being used in the most unusual contraptions for reasons that simply defy logic. Whether the owners of these mad creations simply have too much time on their hands, or have been struck by a stroke of genius, is open to debate.

The next time you're unfortunate enough to have to use a Port-a-John, make sure it is not the one devised by mechanic Paul Sender. If it is, you are in for quite an experience. Mr. Sender reportedly spent £5,000 building the world's fastest toilet that can go up to 70mph and send a 30 foot fireball streaming out behind it. That fireball is not because someone decided to light a match and see what natural methane in a confined box will do; it is the result of an actual Boeing jet engine built into it. Flame on.

This is not your neighbor's Toyota MR2. With the needed parts acquired on eBay, this MR2 soon became powered by twin GE t-58 turbines. Why this vehicle was chosen or how this idea was hatched remains unknown, but we love it anyway. The only description ever given to actually describe the owner's creation simply stated: "Everybody needs one of these." We're almost certain the folks at Toyota would disagree and that they never envisioned a rocket propelled edition of their MR2.

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While the Allegro Medical jet-powered wheelchair remains an idea, Giuseppe Cannella of England went one step forward and built perhaps the world's first ever functioning jet-powered wheelchair. After witnessing the trials of his Parkinson's Disease-afflicted mother-in-law, Mr. Cannella decided to do something about it. He bolted a jet engine to the back of the chair and added a steering wheel. That must have been some surprise for his mother-in-law. The jet-powered wheelchair is now used by Mr. Cannella to raise money for Parkinson's Disease.

We all love spending endless hours in our Lazy Boy with our legs up and the world tuned out. But inevitably we must pull ourselves away and make a pit stop for lack of food or beer. For Bill Decambre, having to actually leave his Lazy Boy for such a trivial task was simply too much. Mr. Decambre built the world's only known rocket recliner. Looking death straight in the eye, he tested it out at the 2002 Reno Air Races and to the surprise of everyone, lived to tell about it.

This is what we at CarBuzz call a high-speed train. The M-497 was the brainchild of New York Central in the 60's. Constructed on the cheap while experimenting with building high-speed trains, the M-497 was born. It was basically a modified Budd commuter car with US Air Force surplus General Electric J47-19 jet engines. They were placed in a B36-H bomber engine pod centered on the top. Sadly it was only used as an experiment because it was capable of reaching a blazing 183.681 mph - still the current high speed record for light rail in the U.S.

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