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The Most Important Volkswagen Of All Time Is Coming

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And it will have one of the industry's best warranties.

Volkswagen is set to introduce a new all-electric model called the ID.3, which will be the first in a range of affordable ID-branded electric cars that will ultimately expand to include an SUV and a van. Preorders have already opened for the ID.3 in Europe, and VW encountered such strong demand that its IT systems had trouble coping with the traffic. We have a rough idea of what the ID.3 will look like thanks to teaser images of a camouflaged model, but now VW has gifted us with additional information about the car's charging capabilities, battery life, warranty, and availability.

VW has confirmed that it will begin production of the ID.3 before the year is out, meaning that barring any delays, we could see a reveal by the end of 2019 with deliveries set to begin in early 2020. The United States will not receive the ID.3 hatchback, but VW will offer an SUV based on the same platform in the near future.

The ID. models will be available with three different battery sizes, the largest of which will enable a WLTP-rated driving range of around 341 miles. That's phenomenal range, but it must be pointed out that the WLTP cycle is far more optimistic than the EPA cycle and that the ID.3's US rating would only come out to 280 miles on the low end and 305 miles on the high end. The smallest battery will offer up 205 miles of WLPT range (around 183 miles on the EPA cycle), while the midrange battery will enable a 261-mile range (around 234 miles on the EPA cycle).

If these range estimates hold true for VW's ID. SUV, it should make it a strong competitor to EVs like the Chevy Bolt, Kia Niro EV, Hyundai Kona EV, and Tesla Model Y. VW also guarantees (under warranty) that the batteries will hold at least 70% of their capacity for eight years or 160,000 kilometers (just under 100,000 miles). "Our goal is to make sure the batteries last as long as the cars", says Frank Blome, Head of the VW Center of Excellence in Salzgitter, Germany. We assume that when the ID. cars start arriving in the US, they will be offered with a similarly impressive warranty.

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Not only will VW offer a lengthy warranty for its electric models, but the batteries will also boast fast charging capability. The batteries will offer up to 125 kW charging, which VW says is higher than any vehicle in the ID.3's segment. VW believes that 25% of charging will take place in public spaces and that 5% will occur on highways. The German automaker says that an 800 kilometer (around 500-mile) trip, like going from Hamburg to Munich or Turin to Paris, would only require two charging stops and that on a fast charger, the ID.3 can add around 161 miles of range in just 30 minutes.