The Most Luxurious Lincoln Navigator Ever Isn't Built For America

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Only 30 will be built, and all of them are heading east.

In 2020, Credit Suisse (a Swiss bank) released a statement about where you'll find the most millionaires. Somewhat predictably, America came out tops, followed by China, Japan, and then most of Europe.

It makes complete sense when you look at which markets dictate the direction the automotive segment moves. In China, legroom is the ultimate luxury. That's why manufacturers build long-wheelbase models that are only sold in China.

Lincoln is now taking it a step further with the introduction of the Navigator One, of which only 30 will be built. All of these models will be exported to China. You can tell it apart thanks to the Premium Purple and Chroma Crystal Blue color combination on the outside.

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Pre-orders for the One opened at the Chengdu Motor Show last week, and the entire consignment is likely already sold out.

The most luxurious trim you can buy in the USA is the Black Label. It has several excellent features, including a Revel Ultima 28-speaker audio system and 30-way power-adjustable massaging front seats, but it's got nothing on the One.

The One is based on the Navigator L, but the third row is removed to make space for two massive Captain's Chairs. We often compare these kinds of seats with business class seats on a plane, but in this case, it's true. The seats fold flat, and an electric footrest rises from behind the front row.

Lincoln Lincoln

This means passengers can stretch out and do whatever the equivalent of Netflix and chill is in China. (Netflix is banned from China.) The screen is not as large as the new BMW 7 Series, but it's still decent.

Other niceties include the finest leather, LED lights integrated into the roof, intricate piping on the doors, and an integrated tea bar with Jianzhan ceramics.

Lincoln did not provide any mechanical details because it simply doesn't matter to the intended audience. It would cost too much to develop another powertrain for the car, so it will likely ship with the same 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 gas engine with 440 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque as used in the USA.

Lincoln Lincoln

Why do the Chinese see rear legroom as the ultimate luxury? While there are many cultural differences between America and China, the reason for the love of longer models can be traced to one of the oldest and most human characteristics.

We want our neighbors to know how successful and affluent we are. Only the most wealthy could afford a long-wheelbase car like an S-Class or Audi A8 and a chauffeur, so a longer car is as much of a status symbol as a Porsche 911 Convertible is in America.

They like to say that the additional rear legroom is great for the vast distances they have to cover in China, but we all know the truth. We do the exact same thing here at home.

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