The Most Nerve-Racking Russian Truck Crash You Will Ever See

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It's a miracle everyone survived this incredible crash.

So you're driving down the road on a day with fairly clear weather. There is no rain, gorgeous scenery, etc. and as you approach a curve you see a big rig flooring it in the opposite direction. What goes through your mind as it tips to the side and starts sliding in your direction? The crash took place in Russia and the driver is in a 4WD SUV and the semi obviously takes the turn at much too high a speed. Something to take into account, especially if you're a truck driver, is that you are top heavy and the ability to flip over is in your hands.

The author of the video, shot from his dash-cam, says that both drivers were ok after the crash. His reaction to almost being crushed? Priceless. At least we would check to make sure the driver the big rig isn't dead or, at the very least, help him out of his tractor.

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