The Most Powerful And Lightest Ferrari 308 Is The One To Have

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There are lots of 308s out there. Very few are like this one.

Many Ferrari enthusiasts seem to have sort of a love-hate relationship with the 308 GTB and GTS. Launched in 1975, the 308 was on the market for a decade until it was replaced by the GTB and GTS Turbo, which carried on until 1989. Why the love? Because the 308's styling has aged beautifully. It sounded great and had V8 power. Why the hate? Well, let's not call it 'hate,' but the 308's popularity outside of Ferrari circles grew because of its star status on TV's "Magnum P.I." Star Tom Selleck drove a new 308 every season for eight years.

Not everyone wanted to be associated with Selleck's moustache. We get it. But anyway, the 308's legacy is still very alive and well today, and prices have literally doubled (if not more so) in just the last few years or so. One could previously find a 308 in decent condition for around $35k-$40k. That figure has swelled to around $70k today.

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Ferraris appreciate, what more is there to say? And, of course, Harry Metcalfe, founder of Evo magazine, has a 308. But it's not just any 308. It's the limited edition Vetroresina, featuring fiber glass bodywork. Only around 700-800 examples were made. Because of that lightweight body, the 3.0-liter V8 and its 255 hp was better able to do its thing, thus making the 308 Vetroresina the lightest and most powerful 308 of them all. And no, mustaches are not required for ownership. Harry's beard doesn't count.

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