The Most Powerful Aston Martin DBS Ever Will Be Revealed On 18 January

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Get ready for the ultimate Aston Martin DBS.

Aston Martin has confirmed the reveal date of its upcoming special-edition DBS 770 Ultimate: Wednesday, 18 January. That's a week from now, but while we're licking our lips in anticipation of seeing the new car's design, let's take a look at what we already know.

The 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 - possibly appearing for the last time in an Aston product - will produce 759 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. That's an increase of 44 hp, but torque remains the same as on the regular Aston Martin DBS, likely in an effort to avoid placing too much strain on the transmission.

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A shadowy teaser image of the limited model's front end reveals that the DBS 770 Ultimate will get a new hood design that appears to be similar to that of the last-run V12 Vantage. Like that car, the DBS 770 Ultimate will be offered in both Coupe and Volante versions. Similarly, a limited production run will guarantee exclusivity, with 300 coupes to be made along with 199 convertibles. Another parallel we can draw with the V12 Vantage is that the runout DBS appears to be fitted with a sizeable rear wing. Hopefully, the DBS 770's styling will be expressive but not garish.

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We can expect some improvements in the handling department too, as Aston Martin claims the special edition is reengineered to be sharper than ever. As the "final celebration of the DBS nameplate and the most powerful DBS to date," the 770 Ultimate will undoubtedly command a dear premium over the car upon which it is based, but we'll have to wait to learn how severe that increase will be. For reference, the regular 2023 DBS starts at over $330,000. With that in mind, we wouldn't bet on the limited edition coming in below $400,000.

We'll know more in a week from now. Thereafter, we look forward to learning about a DBS replacement, as well as successors to the current Vantage and DBX.

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