The Multi-Million-Dollar SCG 003 Crashing At 120 MPH Is Painful To Watch

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Brace yourselves.

When Jim Glickenhaus spoke to us in Geneva about his freshly-unveiled creation, the SCG 003, he was palpably excited about taking the Competizione variant to the Nurburgring. After news emerged the SCG 003C had set a new Ring lap record of 6:42, we were hoping our first sighting of the $2.3 million track weapon would be more enjoyable to watch than this. Alas, the first video footage of the 530-hp Le Mans prototype-inspired racer is of it wiping out at 120 mph.

According to Daily Sports Car, during night qualifying last week, the #40 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003 had to withdraw after the high-speed crash, as the car was beyond immediate repair. American race driver Ken Dobson, who was piloting the car at the time of impact, was unhurt. Better luck next time, Jim.

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