The Mustang Absolutely Destroyed The Camaro In Sales Last Month


After two months of top Chevy is once again second.

Life has been good for the Chevrolet Camaro for the last two months. It has been America's top-selling muscle car, beating out the Ford Mustang by a slim margin in September and blowing it out of the water in October. After last month's sales numbers came out we wondered if the Camaro was set to go on another lengthy sales winning streak. Turns out that's not going to happen. The sales numbers for November are hot off the presses and the Ford Mustang has regained the title of America's top-selling muscle car.

Ford sold 6,196 Mustangs in November, this after moving only 5,414 units in October. Meanwhile the Camaro plummeted back down to earth. After selling 6,277 cars in October Chevy was only able to move 4,893 'Maros last month. As for the Dodge Challenger, it pulled right into its preferred spot of third place with 3,908 sales. All three models are down on sales compared to 2015, with the Mustang leading the way with a 13% drop. The sixth-gen Camaro is down 8.9% on the year. Despite finishing last every month and being the oldest of the three the Dodge Challenger has only taken a 4% hit in total sales. Of the three cars it offers the most variety, at least in terms of trim levels. It's also just a really badass car.

We looked into offers and incentives and found that only Ford was offering cash, $1,000 for 2016s and up to $1,250 for 2017 models. The base Mustang (V6) is the cheapest muscle car in the country, and taking $1,250 off a starting MSRP of $24,915 makes it an even more tempting offer. That had to help it post some of its October-November gains but it still doesn't explain why Camaro sales suddenly nosedived. If these past three months are any indication the final sales month of the year should prove pretty interesting for the muscle car segment. Well, pretty interesting for Ford and Chevy fanboys anyway. Lead photo via Autocosmos Mexico on YouTube.


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