Mazda MX-5 Speedster Inspired By Ferrari Monza SP2 Could Cost Under $15K

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Orders for the MX Speedster will open in April.

In 2020, automotive designer Kasim Tlibekov made a digital rendering of a speedster based on the first-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata, and now his creation has jumped off the computer screen and into real life with accents clearly intended to mimic those of the illegal-in-the-US Ferrari Monza SP2.

The first production version of the MX Speedster made a quiet debut at The Amelia earlier this month. Nearly three years after Tlibekov posted the original renderings on his Instagram page, it made an in-the-flesh debut among some of the hottest metal in Florida.

Looking at the images, you might notice the MX Speedster is not an exact match for the renderings posted by Tlibekov, but since he was the one posting the debut images, we're guessing he approves.


The tale of the MX Speedster is one of our favorite recent automotive stories. Tlibekov posted his rendering, and it caught the eye of the folks over at Xenex Motorsport after the rendering went viral. Xenex licensed the design and announced in December 2022 that it would go into production.

Following the car's introduction at The Amelia, some new details have emerged. Xenex will start taking orders in April 2023, and although specific pricing has not been revealed, it says that you can convert an NA Miata into an MX Speedster for under $15,000 if you sell all the stock parts that this kit gets rid of. Xenex removes the front fenders, rear trunk lid, bumpers, windshield, side windows, soft top, and hard top to convert the car.

While that's still a significant chunk of money, it's not as expensive as the Gorgona Cars NM Concept or any of the supercar speedsters launched in recent years.


In his post, Tlibekov talks about more powerful models in the pipeline. Xenex's website reveals that the MX Speedster will be available in three flavors. The Speedster uses the stock NA engine (1.6 or 1.8-liter), but Xenex removes 250 pounds from the body. A track-ready suspension, competition-spec Wilwood brakes, and 17-inch wheels and tires will be available.

The Speedster S comes standard with a Fastforward Supercharger, boosting the power to 200 horsepower. If you are a certified window licker, Xenex will also build you a Speedster RS, in which case the 1.6-liter engine is ripped out and replaced with a 350+ hp LS V8.

According to Xenex, the body kit and all three versions of the car will be available to order from April. Given the cult following the Miata has in the USA, we're willing to bet this will be a popular conversion.

Kasim Tlibekov
Kasim Tlibekov
Kasim Tlibekov
Kasim Tlibekov

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