The Mysterious Death of the Fiero GT

Who killed the American mid-engined sports car?

Actually, the demise of the Pontiac Fiero isn’t so mysterious. Back in the early 80s, GM began work on a mid-engined sports car in light of the oil crisis at the time. It eventually became the Pontiac Fiero, launching in 1984. It only lasted until 1988, but during that time, the two-seat Fiero proved to be a popular seller and, on paper at least, it had a lot going for it. Along with its rear mid-engine layout, the Fiero sported rear-wheel-drive, a manual gearbox, and even an optional V6.

Then came those engine fires, which would forever haunt the Fiero. Despite the Fiero GT’s launch in 1988, there was simply no saving the car. Regular Car Reviews has a very Noir take on the Fiero. Raymond Chandler fans...this one is for you.

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