The Mystery of Fisker's U.S. Manufacturing Facility

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During the press launch of the Atlantic, Fisker CEO stated that the car might be produced outside of America.

Fisker Automotive is delaying the production of the new Atlantic, the mid-sized extended range plug-in it has just revealed. Tom LaSorda, Fisker's new CEO, also said that the Atlantic might be produced outside of the U.S. Although the Karma is manufactured in Finland, Fisker won $529 million in U.S. Department of Energy loan guarantees from which it has withdrawn $193 million. However, those guarantees have been frozen following the company's failure in achieving certain milestones.


The Atlantic was due for production in Wilmington, Delaware in a former GM factory that would lead to the creation of 2,000 new jobs. A few weeks ago workers at the site were laid off and since then no resolution was found to the crisis. "We're proceeding on where the best costs will be," LaSorda told reporters according to "We're looking at alternative options to the U.S., of course." Although LaSorda said that production in the U.S. is still the preferred option, he also said that there are a lot of interested parties overseas who are interested in investing in the company.

Despite the fact that negotiations with the Department of Energy concerning the loans are still ongoing, LaSorda isn't counting on federal money anymore. LaSorda also lowered the Fisker Karma's sales target for this year from 10,000 units to 4,000. However, he expects for Atlantic production to begin by the end of the year. In another related Fisker development, lithium-ion batteries manufacturer, A123, announced a recall for batteries that suffered from manufacturing flaws. Fisker will now have to replace about 600 batteries out of about 700 cars sold so far.

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