The Name Of Nissan's Newest Crossover Is Pretty Stupid

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Then again, 'Juke' isn't great and it's sold plenty.

Nissan has learned that a quirky name sells, so why bother changing that formula? Meet the new Nissan Kicks, a small crossover that will initially be sold in Brazil and, perhaps, the US at a later date. Actually, the Kicks is a collaborative design effort between Nissan's US and Brazilian studios. It rides on the same platform as the Micra and, surprisingly, is a bit longer than the Juke, but its width and height are about the same. No word yet as to what will power it, but a four-cylinder paired to a CVT or five-speed manual is a pretty good guess.

Official details and photos still haven't been fully released but, overall, we like the looks of this. Its design is more toned-down than that of the Juke. The large wheel arches, V-shaped grille and LED headlights all give it a premium look - especially that "floating" roof. Question is, will it arrive stateside? Possibly, but we also know the next gen Juke is a work in progress, and it's doubtful Nissan will want internal competition. One suggestion: ditch the name 'Kicks' if it comes to the US. There's gotta be a better name out there.

You can read the full review of Nissan Kicks.

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