The Need for Speed: The World's Fastest Police Cars

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What you gonna do when they come for you?

If you think supercars belong exclusively to celebrities, pro athletes and illegal arms dealers, then you'd better think again. There are a select few police units around the world that have the rare opportunity of reporting for duty each and every day in some of the fastest cars ever made. Putting the pedal to the metal racing down hardened criminals and the common traffic offender has never been sweeter than this.

The Holden Caprice SS is currently making life miserable for criminals throughout the Middle East. To their great misfortune, these machines were made for speed and boast a 360-hp 6.0-liter V8 engine and go from 0-60mph in the blink of an eye. These are used by Middle East police forces such as the Dubai Police Force and Royal Oman Police.

Taking things up a notch is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, which is making the streets a little safer for the people of Italy. Criminals keeping tabs on the Italian police are sure to break into a heavy sweat once they discover that the Lamborghini is powered by a blender and sports enough rear view mirrors to spot any crime as it happens. This dream machine was put into service after the previous supercar was put into retirement after four-years of service and racking up 87,000 miles.

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The Caparo T1 gives new meaning to the word 'supercar'. With an appearance straight out of your classic science fiction movie, the British made T1 weighs in at 550kg, is powered by a 575bhp V8 and capable of propelling the car to 62mph from standstill in a mind-blowing 2.5 seconds. It is also regarded as one of the fastest cop cars in the world. This masterpiece of human engineering is sure to attract the attention of the locals and criminals alike.

Anyone caught speeding in Japan is most definitely toast. The supercar Nissan Skyline GTR is used by the Japanese police for hot pursuits and highway patrolling. If this beast of the Far East, which has been dubbed Godzilla can't keep potential speeders in line, then nothing can.

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