The Netherlands to Receive BMW 3-Series Carbon Sport Edition

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BMW is finalizing the production run of the E90 3-Series generation with special versions such as the Carbon Sport Edition.

Really? Another BMW 3-Series special edition model? With the E90 generation about to end, the German automaker wants to finish its production run with various limited editions, such as the Carbon Sport limited edition that will be exclusively available for the Netherlands. Described in the official press release as a "dignified farewell to the current generation...the Carbon Sport Edition is a complete and extremely sporty BMW" and will only be offered with the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine.

It will also only be available in the 325i, 330i and 335i trims, the latter of which features TwinPower Turbo's latest technology. Offered as both a sedan and touring sport wagon, standard features will include the aforementioned engine mated to an automatic, 19-inch alloys from the BMW Performance accessory department, and the M sports package. There are also xenon lights, Professional navigation system, leather seats, a hi-def system from Harmon Kardon, and an M sports steering wheel and shift paddles. Sapphire and Azuritschwarz metallic are the only exterior colors. Pricing begins at 49,995 Euros and tops off at 61,995 Euros and only 150 units will be built.

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