The New 2015 Mustang Recalled (Again) Because of Fire Risk

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728 units - all powered by the EcoBoost - are affected.

It seems we're hearing about a new recall every few days lately. Some are worth reporting on, most aren't. In retrospect, aside from the GM debacle and the Takata airbag issue, recalls are typically for minor problems. And if they're for more serious issues, automakers are usually good about identifying the issue before it really becomes a problem. Such is the case with 728 units of the new 2015 Mustang. In fact, this isn't the first time Ford has recalled its new pony car.

The automaker has just announced a recall for those vehicles due to a fuel pressure sensor that's been incorrectly installed and could possibly lead to a pressurized fuel leak. In turn, that could potentially start a fire. Ford is quick to state that no known fires or injuries have occurred as a result of this issue, but it's not taking any chances, for obvious reasons. Oh, and every single one of those 728 affected Mustangs is powered by the EcoBoost turbo four. Yep, those owners should have definitely gone with the V8. Just saying.

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