The New Aston Martin Vantage AMR Has V8 And V12 Flavors Of Fun

Special Edition

Meet the first AMR car to enter production.

As we first saw at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, Aston Martin will roll out existing models with the AMR (Aston Martin Racing) treatment, and today it’s time for the Vantage to take center stage. Offered with both a V8 and V12 and as a coupe or roadster, the Aston Martin Vantage AMR is limited to 300 units globally (100 V12s and 200 V8s) and was inspired by the FIA World Endurance Championship wining V8 Vantage AMR racer. So, what’s new and different?

For starters, the V8 produces 430 hp while the V12 has 595 ponies, which is up from 565. Buyers will have a choice of either the familiar automatic transmission with paddle shifters, or – get this – six- or seven-speed manual gearboxes. The exterior is differentiated by a choice of four color schemes: Stratus White with an orange graphic, Ultramarine Black with a blue graphic, Zaffire Blue with a red graphic and Scintilla Silver with a grey graphic. Purists can also go for the "Halo Pack," which is a combination of Stirling Green paint and Lime Green accents. There’s even a Union Jack-enameled AML wings badge available at no-cost.

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Depending on exterior paint choice, there are matching interiors that are filled with leather and Alcantara for the coupes and all-leather for the roadsters. Of course, everything inside is handcrafted because that’s what Aston Martin does. Carbon fiber materials are in an abundance, including the seats, front grille, side strakes, lamp infills and mirrors caps. Even the instrument surround, door tops and interior door handle are made of the lightweight material. Aside from the additional cooling vents on the hood, the other exterior difference between the V8 and V12 versions are the wheels. V8 models come with a choice of three finishes for the 5-spoke alloys while the V12 features lightweight 10-spoke alloys.

There’s also an AMR aero kit for the coupe which adds a carbon-fiber front splitter and dive panes, side sills and fixed rear wing. Available only in selected markets (doubtful in the US), prices will begin at 97,995 GBP in the UK and 126,995 Euros in Germany. Customer deliveries will begin at the end of this year.