The New Audi S7 Will Sport Some Serious Go-Fast Hardware

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Looks like the new S7 is getting a new engine.

Although Mercedes is the party responsible for the four-door coupe thanks to the CLS, Audi is the automaker that won the battle. That's because the A7 beat its German competitor in the one area that the four-door coupe was intended to shine in: looks. Things only got better for Audi when it rolled out the absurdly fast RS7 with 605 horsepower. While good-looking cars age slower than the rest, the A7 still rolled out in 2010 and according to the unwritten industry rulebook, it's old enough for a revamp.

Now, the latest spoils from our spy photographer's venture to the Nurburgring show us what such an overhaul looks like. Interestingly enough, this car reeks of the Audi Prologue concept shown off at the 2014 LA Auto Show. As a four-door coupe, all Audi had to do was add a couple of doors to the concept and smoothen out the rear end to give it a hatchback profile. The front end of the camouflaged Audi in question bears an uncanny resemblance to the concept with a larger hexagonal grille and slim headlights. While we're not too sure which of the A7 family we have here, our best guess is that the car we see is the S7. Massive brake rotors, a quad-tipped exhaust, and heat exchangers poking out of the front bumper help allude to that.

Just like on the previous generation, we can spot the active rear wing standing at attention, likely helping hold down the rear tires during the track workout. Unlike the RS5 we spotted recently, the S7 will likely carry over the same 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 that we saw before, although those heat exchangers could be standing in place to prove us wrong. If an engine swap does occur, we'd expect the S7 to get one of Porsche's 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 under the hood. That engine is seen in the Panamera 4S and can make upwards of 440 horsepower. Given Porsche's comments about the potential for more power, we could expect that engine to match or surpass the outgoing S7's 450 horsepower unit although we'll have to wait until 2018 to know for sure.

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