The New Bentley Bentayga Diesel Revealed With Monstrous Torque


The first diesel lump from bespoke manufacturer is in their latest, ridiculously fast SUV.

The most luxurious SUV created now has a little brother added to the family. But even though it's not powered by that monstrous W12 engine, the new diesel version is no slouch, very far from it actually. With a reputation to uphold, the British manufacturer made sure that the diesel would be the most powerful and the fastest in the world too. Besides the engine and the luxury expected from a Bentley, the new diesel has a few other changes to differentiate it from the W12.

Under the hood there's a new Bentley 32-valve, 4.0-liter V8 diesel engine that features new triple charging technology enabling it to deliver a heavy 429 hp. It doesn't just have good torque, it has all the torque, measuring in at a monstrous 664 lb-ft, available from just 1,000 rpm. This power carries the large Bentley Bentayga diesel to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and allows a top speed of 168 mph Those are nearly supercar figures. Getting to that top speed is seamless thanks to a smooth 8-speed automatic ZF transmission. Bentley also claim the diesel Bentayga can return a range over 621 miles on an 85-liter tank of the devil's juice.

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Styling-wise, the Bentayga diesel features a new twin-quad exhaust tailpipe design, a chrome-surround black matrix grille and central bar and 20-inch, ten-spoke alloys as standard with 21-inch Mulliner Driving Specification in silver or machine-faced grey as an option. Inside there's a new Liquid Amber finish and a host of optional features, like a Breitling clock. Of course all the bells and whistles and electronic driver aids are par for the course. The Bentayga diesel goes on sale in the U.K starting at $176,300, which is $39,000 less than the entry level W12. With all the options added it would probably match or even exceed that W12's price, but it's a less-thirsty offering with matching torque.