The New Bentley Continental GT Is The Panamera Coupe You Always Wanted

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New spy shots show the next-gen Continental GT taking shape. The GTC, not so much.

Slowly but surely the new Bentley Continental GT is coming along. Proof of this is in the pudding…and in the photos our spy photographers send to us. This latest batch of spy shots shows a test car wearing less camouflage than the last time we saw it. The same can't be said of the GTC our spies also just spotted testing. The convertible version of the Continental GT looks to be covered up about the same amount as before. Coupes usually precede convertibles which could be why the hardtop is stripping off its layers at a faster rate.

These new photos of the Continental GT reveal more of its front end design, with the headlights now almost completely uncovered. Overall the face looks a bit different than when we last saw it back in October of last year. The lower air intakes appear to have been dropped in favor of fog lights, although these could just be decoys. The overall look from the sides is much more polished and less development mule-y, and around back the rear end is taking shape. You can clearly see where the camo ends and the body begins along the rear window and trunk. The rear fenders won't be as muscular as they look here but should still be plenty bulging and aggressive on the finished product. Does anyone else think this looks a bit like a Porsche Panamera coupe?

The Continental GTC is still properly disguised which doesn't give us much to report. Just imagine the hardtop without a roof for the time being. It's clear Bentley designers are using the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept as inspiration for the new Continental GT. This is a bit of bad news as it might mean the automaker doesn't plan to bring the stupidly sexy GT car to life. That'd make a spot of sense as the Volkswagen Group doesn't really have extra cash to throw around at the moment and then there's the whole Brexit thing. If nothing else the concept car's spirit and style will live on in the next Continental GT and GTC.

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