The New BMW 6 Series Will Have The 911 In Its Sights

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The 6 Series will be very different from how we know it today.

Thanks to some exclusive information from Auto Express we know that the next-generation BMW 6 Series will be very different. The current 6 Series isn't really a sports car. It is more of a big luxury cruiser. BMW now has a plan to realign the 6 Series to be a Porsche 911 competitor. After seeing the success of the Mercedes-AMG GT, BMW decided that it needed something to compete with the 911 and the 6 Series would be the car to do it. A smaller 6 Series could utilize an elongated platform of the upcoming BMW-Toyota sports car.

BMW and Toyota have both confirmed that this platform is scalable, so a 6 Series that is about the same size as the 911 and AMG GT is definitely possible from this architecture. An elongated platform would also allow BMW to fit a V8 under the hood of the new model. This current plan includes a coupe and convertible model, with the Gran Coupe likely to die off. If you are a fan of the Gran Coupe don't worry, because this smaller 6 Series would allow BMW to finally fit the 8 Series back into the lineup. The 8 Series range would likely include a Gran Coupe Version as well as a standard coupe. We have recently been getting some less than exciting news from BMW, but this news is about as good as it gets.

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