The New BMW 8 Series Would Make A Stunning Shooting Brake


Of course it didn't take the internet long to dream up a BMW 8 Series shooting brake.

Last week at Le Mans, BMW brought back the beloved 8 Series for the first time in nearly 20 years, and we’ve been swooning over the gorgeous grand-tourer ever since. Somehow, it looks even better than the stunning concept shown last year. So far, the reborn BMW 8 Series has only been shown in coupe form, but inevitably it didn’t take long for the internet to redesign it to see how it looks in alternative body styles. We’ve already seen how the convertible 8 Series will look when it eventually joins the lineup.

A hot M8 and Gran Coupe is also coming. But what if the 8 Series was adapted into a shooting brake? From artist X-Tomi, this first render shows how a BMW 8 Series shooting brake would look from the side profile. Its wide stance and sloping roofline applies well to the shooting brake body style, although the rear appears to have been inspired by the 1 Series. While X-Tomi’s render only shows the profile, artist Rain Prisk Design has produced a separate design showing how the sporty shooting brake would look from the back. The result is probably going to be polarizing. In fact, it looks a lot like a Volvo with its taillights stretching up to the roof.

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In this case, they seem to stretch all the way from one side to the other, though. It also sits much closer to the ground than the standard model. In reality, a BMW 8 Series shooting brake is unlikely to enter production since it’s become a niche segment thanks to the mass popularity of SUVs. That is, unless a wealthy client pays a coachbuilder to build a custom one. After all, the idea isn’t too farfetched considering you can now buy a custom Tesla Model S shooting brake.