The New BMW Head Of Design Is The Man Behind The Bugatti Veyron

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He also worked at Skoda and Audi so he's not just a supercar designer.

BMW announced that Karim Habib, former head designer at the automaker, will be replaced by Jozef Kaban. Chances are you don't recognize that name. You do know Mr. Kaban's most iconic design, the Bugatti Veyron. Yes, the pen behind one of history's most iconic supercars is now the head of design at BMW. The Czech designer was most recently employed by Skoda where he was the company' exterior design chief and then head of design. Before that he was head of exterior design at Audi.


Yeah, he seems more than qualified. Now no BMW looks bad, save for the Gran Turismos. That being said, the brand could use a shot in the arm. When is the last time a new BMW that wasn't an M model took your breath away? Some new models-cough, 5 Series, cough-barely look different than the ones they replaced. A bunch of new BMWs are already in the pipes, including the Z5 and the X7. It may be awhile before we see Kaban's stamp on anything, but we're excited nonetheless. In other BMW design news, Domagoj Dukec was promoted to head of design for the i and M brands. Dukec has been with the company since 2010 designing for BMW and i.

Adrian van Hooydonk will be the boss of both men and seems excited to have them in their new positions. "I am looking forward to this strengthening of the BMW Group design team. Both Jozef Kaban and Domagoj Dukec bring the experience, talent and vision we need for the future direction of our design," he said in a company statement.

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