The New BMW M3 to Get a V6 Engine and Twin-Turbo

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The model is due in two years' time with a 420hp + engine.

There isn't a model car enthusiasts from across the globe are more excited to see than a new M3, with their nerves on edge waiting to discover its new exterior and interior design, as well as sweating on the technical details and specifications. Usually an M3 comes out about two years after a new 3 Series is launched, so expect the next M3 in 2014 and begin to play the guessing game. Inside Line claims via an internal source that the next M3's engine will be a 3.0-liter V6 with a twin-turbo arrangement.

The engine is supposed to develop around 429 hp and 405 pound-feet. If that proves true, then it will be the first ever V6 in an M3 and more crucially the first M3 with a turbo engine. That is probably being done reluctantly, but along with the rest of the industry BMW is implementing turbo charging technology in order to improve fuel consumption and gain green credentials. When the car is launched in two years' time it will have to comply with demanding Euro 6 emission standards, while continuing to deliver class-leading performance with an expected 4.0- second 0-62 mph dash.

The future M3 will be also be bigger and lighter than the current model thanks to the use of lightweight materials. Its first version will likely come in four-door saloon form, followed closely by the classic coupe. However, if you're waiting for the classy growl of a naturally aspirated engine you might be disappointed. Photos displayed are of the 2011 BMW M3 Sedan.

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