The New BMW M4 Fails The Moose Test Unlike Any Other Car

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You need incredible reflexes if things go wrong behind the wheel.

BMW's M division is known the world over for building amazing sports cars, and models such as the BMW M2 and M5 are regularly used as benchmarks for the rest of the industry. The new BMW M4 Competition Coupe has been lauded by owners and journalists alike for its massive performance capabilities and dynamic handling characteristics, and BMW can't stop bragging about its motorsport DNA, but a recent YouTube video posted by has revealed that this German sports car is less than impressive on the infamous moose test, and should probably stick to the drift track.

The car on test in the video is a 2021 BMW M4 Competition Coupe fitted with 275/35/R19 in the front, and 285/30/R20 tires in the rear. The test requires the car to enter a cone section at an average of 78 km/h (48.5 mph), swerve left through a set of cones, and then immediately swerve to the right to enter a final cone gate. The total length of the course is 40 feet. The video shows the BMW attempting the moose test with all of its traction systems activated, and it doesn't look good. The first direction change to the left shows the car's rear end clipping the cones, after which the car corrects itself through the second set of cones. According to the test driver the M4 "does not react smoothly, and is quite challenging to drive."

The video goes on to state that the BMW has clearly been set up for nimble handling with a lesser focus on safety - as made apparent by the fact that it snap oversteers instead of resorting to default understeer as so many modern cars do. The M4 managed to safely complete the test at a speed of 76 km/h (47 mph) which isn't particularly fast for a car of such caliber. The test reveals that the M4 suffers from whiplash after correcting for oversteer which continuously causes the car to hit cones on the final stretch of the test. The car does however perform flawlessly in the slalom test where it displays almost no body roll. It would seem that the 2021 BMW M4 Competition Coupe should stick to the speed limit, or a race track.

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