The New BMW M4 Will Look Exactly Like This

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There have been enough spy shots to piece together this accurate render.

The first-generation BMW M4 Coupe didn't exactly have the sparkling reception of the M3s it superseded. Its turbocharged engine was often described as lacking in character and, at least until the Competition Package came along, the handling was criticized for being too twitchy.

That being said, few people had a serious issue with the way the first M4 looked. That's unlikely to be the case with the second-generation BMW M4, which is set to inherit the giant grille first seen on the 4 Series Coupe. Render artist Nikita Chuyko from Kolesa has now given us a clearer idea of what to expect, just a few days after giving us a glimpse at the upcoming M3 sedan.

Nikita Chuyko/Kolesa Nikita Chuyko/Kolesa

From the front, this M4 render shares the same stretched headlight design of the 4 Series with its U-shaped DRLs. The grille itself is quite different, though; although similar in size to the 4 Series, it replaces that car's mesh-like detailing with black horizontal crossbars. Whereas the 4 Series grille is joined in the center, the M4's is separated, which was the case with an M4 that was spied as recently as last month.

Chuyko has added more defined lines on the hood, and lower down in front, a sportier air intake arrangement that we think works especially well. Along the sides, we can see M-specific mirrors and sills, along with what looks like a carbon fiber roof. Of course, there are larger alloy wheels and widened fenders.

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At the back, probably the M4's best aspect, a sporty but subtle spoiler sits on the trunk lid. Lower down, quad-exit tailpipes are an M-car staple and look suitably aggressive. Overall, while it's likely to prove as divisive as the 4 Series, the mega grille somehow seems less out of place on the more extreme M4.

Likely to be less controversial will be the M4's 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, which should produce 510 horsepower in Competition specification. Even better is that rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox will be retained. We expect the new M4 and the more practical M3 to debut next month.

CarBuzz CarBuzz 2015-2017 BMW M4 Convertible Rear Badge BMW
2015-2017 BMW M4 Convertible Rear Badge
Source Credits: Kolesa

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