The New BMW X7 Is Going To Have Some Pretty Fancy Bones And Guts

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Considering it may share an architecture with BMW's most luxurious model.

We have known for a while now that BMW was working on a large crossover to slot above the X5 called the X7. Now we have a better idea of what will underpin BMW's new three-row crossover and what will power it. Although the current X5 was just updated three years ago, its successor could arrive as early as next year on BMW's new Cluster Architecture. This architecture (CLAR), underpins RWD or AWD cars from BMW like the 7 Series. The CLAR platform uses high-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber to increase rigidity and lower weight.

New BMW models such as the 3, 5, and 6 Series will all use the CLAR platform to cut weight. The X7 will likely get its own version of the platform that will be heavily modified. That means the the X5 and X7 will not have a big resemblance when put next to each other. We know this because Ian Robertson, BMW's head of sales and marketing, said as much to Autocar. "If you put both cars [the X5 and X7] next to each other, the resemblance is small in terms of wheelbase and so on. We're not going to just extend the wheelbase; it's a complete new panel cell," he said. Roberston also said that the X7 wouldn't share engines with the X5 but that it would "have its pick from the entire BMW range."

The new X5 will likely get a 3.0-liter straight six and twin-turbo V8. We aren't sure which new engines could power BMW's largest future model. However, like Autocar, we believe that there could potentially be a V12 range-topping model! After all, the 7 Series has its own V12 so why not a massive SUV powered by the same engine? A hybrid powertrain is also likely, of course.

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