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The New BMW Z4 Looks Amazing As A Fixed-Roof Coupe

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And we'll probably get it. It's called the Toyota Supra.

Ever since the BMW Z4 went out of production in 2016, enthusiasts have been begging BMW to bring it back. After a long series of spyshots and speculation, BMW has finally revealed the 2019 Z4 M40i - and it looks fantastic. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be the revival of one of our favorite BMW models of all time, the Z4 M Coupe. BMW has all but ruled out an M version of the new Z4, but what about a coupe?

Rendering artist X-Tomi Design previously rendered what a Z4 Coupe would look like based on the concept car, but has now created a more realistic rendering using the production M40i model. We like what we see, but the rendering lacks the sexiness of the old Z4 Coupe and the quirkiness of the old Z3 Coupe. Still, this car does look good as a fixed-roof coupe, though we doubt BMW would ever build it.

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If you didn't already know, the BMW Z4 was co-developed with the upcoming Toyota Supra, which has yet to be revealed. Unlike the Z4, the Supra will be a coupe, so we doubt that BMW would encroach on its partnership with Toyota by building a Z4 Coupe. The Supra is expected to share an engine with the Z4, so it will likely be the closest thing we get to a new Z4 Coupe.