The New Brabus Smart Car Is Not What You Might Expect

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This is the quietest car Brabus has ever built.

Usually, when you hear the word Brabus, you think of some 900-horsepower G63 with all black everything and a price tag that'll make you wonder whether you made the right life choices.

But for a brief, shining moment that has eclipsed all of the German tuner's other efforts, G-Class included, Brabus made a smart car. But when the smart ForTwo died, the quirky Brabus-tuned car died with it.

Smart is now headquartered in China and in the middle of quite the rebrand. The brand is now part of a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely (the folks who own Volvo). While Brabus is known for its shouty V8s and whooshing turbos, this Smart #1 Brabus Performance Edition will be significantly quieter. It also looks like a Chinese Kia Soul if you ask us.

smart smart smart

Regardless, this is an EV and one we won't be getting in the US. Worse, neither Brabus nor smart have elected to unveil their collaboration with any specs.

Instead, we've been left to extrapolate. What we do know is that this electric crossover will feature an all-wheel drive setup of some kind, likely thanks to a motor mounted on each axle.

We know the smart #1's RWD variant debuted earlier this year with a 66 kWh battery. Geely's SEA platform, which underpins the #1, shows that the Brabus-tuned car should manage roughly 330-350 miles of range. Some Chinese sources have speculated that the model will produce somewhere in the ballpark of 428 horsepower.

smart smart smart

While the hard numbers are tough to get at, the Brabus-tuned aesthetics are much more apparent. These include matte grey paint with a red roof and mirrors, including some further red accents like the brakes, splitter, and grille.

Inside, the accented red touches continue to the stitching and trim elements. We see what looks to be Alcantara seats as well.

We can't imagine the unique paint scheme will be exclusive to this electric Brabus, and it certainly does look, uhm, smart. Puns aside, we'll have more complete details on smart's first Brabus-tuned effort since the fortwo on August 26th during the 2022 Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition.

smart smart smart

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