The New Buick Envision Proves Made In China Isn't Always A Bad Thing

The crash test results prove it.

The Buick Envision is a luxury SUV in China, and to date it's been a roaring success with around 200,000 sales. When GM took the oldest American brand across to China for manufacturing, many were expecting the spec and in particular, the safety, to be sub-par. It seems the whole made in China stigma that auto manufacturers are stuck with doesn't count when it involves a powerhouse of a manufacturer with a reputation to protect. With the car entering other markets, rigorous testing was needed.

This saw the Envision heading off to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to throw it at a few obstacles to see how it fared with the rest of the SUVs in the same class, making it the first Chinese-built can they've tested.

To say it fared well is an understatement, the Buick Envision passed with flying colours thus proving it's worth on the roads of other countries where safety is of paramount concern. The IIHS scores tests with four grades; G = Good, A = Acceptable, M = Marginal and P = Poor. There were Gs all round for the Envision with an M given for the ease of use of the child seat anchors. Front crash protection netted 4 points, classed as an advanced rating. Well done Buick, well done.

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