The New Camaro SS Has Just Earned A Legendary Speeding Ticket


We're talking legendarily bad, dumb, dangerous, etc... of course.

Here at CarBuzz we don’t condone speeding but have a weakness for insane speeding tickets. As such we flipped when we saw this report out of Duluth, Minnesota, about a 2016 Camaros SS (1SS trim) clocked doing 171 mph. According to the Duluth News Tribune the speeder was clocked by Hermantown Police Department (also in Minnesota) deputy chief Shawn Padden while running wild on the Duluth-Two Harbors expressway. Padden gave chase and found himself struggling just to catch up and light up the 455-horsepower beast.

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Padden himself was in a Dodge Charger police car and was hauling plenty of ass. "I hit the lights and siren and called it in to the State Patrol. ... I had to get my car up to 135 just to get close enough for him to see my lights on," he told the Duluth daily. Eventually the 36-year-old driver pulled over. Apparently he and the woman in the passenger seat didn’t know how fast they were going, because of course. Padden cut them a ticket—which he called “a coupon”—for misdemeanor careless driving. If guilty the driver could face a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. The Duluth News Tribune also notes that in Minnesota speeds over 100 mph can result in a driver’s license being revoked.

We fawn over quick cars but the reality is that speeds this high are just insane on public roads. Officer Padden put it best, saying: "If he hits anything at that speed, a deer or whatever, it's going to end badly for the people in that car and maybe for someone else. There is no reaction time at that speed.” If this dude wants to haul ass he should book some track time. That being said it is cool to know the new Camaro can hit 171 mph when given enough room to run. Ford fanboys, don’t break the law in an attempt to top this.