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The New DB9 Is Going To Bigger, Better and More Powerful

And it'll probably be called the DB11.

This is your first look at the Aston Martin DB9 successor, spied testing around the Nurburgring. As is custom with initial testing for an all-new car, the powertrain is what’s being tested here, so you’re not going to see much of the new design. However, look closely and you’ll see the front end is wider than the current DB9, with a longer wheelbase and different hood. Aston Martin’s design boss Marek Reichman previously revealed “there’ll be a little more revolution” in the design, with influences from the DB10 concept that'll star in the new Bond flick “Spectre.”

While future Astons will come powered by AMG engines, they won’t be ready for the new DB9 which will receive an updated and more potent version of the 6.0-liter V12. An all-new architecture featuring lots of aluminum will also ensure the new DB9 will be lighter than its almost 4,000-pound predecessor. As for its name, with the DB10 already used for the concept, and given the DB9 replaced the DB7, we would hasten to guess the new model will be called the DB11. Set to go on sale as a 2017 model, expect to see the car debut next year, with a small chance of a concept previewing the DB9 successor arriving later this year.

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